Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finding meaning with faders

Since I spend countless hours a week working in the world of audio post production, I figured this blog could serve as a twofold introspective journal of sorts, one which can provide me the opportunity to:
  • share a bit about my experiences working with my clients and their projects.
  • uncover a valuable lesson or two
On the surface, I cut sound effects and design custom sounds to be placed in a film.  On a deeper level, I create rich layers of audible texture and lush sonic ambiences to enhance the movie-going experience.  On the deepest and most personal of levels, I bring peace of mind to the filmmakers who have worked extremely hard and sacrificed much during pre-production and production.  One of my goals then is to make this leg of the race as painless and as rewarding as possible for them.

And that's where I'll find the meaning and purpose in my job:  By making my clients happy.  It's really not about cutting in whooshes or creaky car doors, a tweeting bird or an eerie wind.  It's not about pushing faders up or down, or panning carbys left or right.  It's about listening to your clients wholeheartedly and building trusting relationships with them.  It's about making them feel safe and comfortable through the audio-post process, and finally, it's about diving into the trenches and proving to them that their project is safe in your hands all the way through the final printmaster.  In many cases, I've made some great friends.

I've got lots of awesome stories to tell about some of the films I've been involved with in the past.  I promise to blog about as many of them as I can, provide samples of my audio work where appropriate, add some pictures or videos if I have any, and give out links to any websites that might provide more information should you crave it!

Recently I've been fortunate to have worked on several memorable projects, each unique in its own way.  I'll blog about those first.  So stick around and make yourself at home.  Next up, Valerie Weiss' independent film "Losing Control."
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