Monday, September 20, 2010

"Everything Must Go" sold to Lionsgate and Roadside!

The new Will Ferrell drama - Everything Must Go - sold to Lionsgate and Roadside for just over $3 Million at this year's Toronto Film Festival.  As a member of the sound editorial team on this film, I must say it feels really good knowing that such a "real" and touching film found a good home with a reputable distributor.  I really hope the marketing and publicity people really push it well because it deserves at least 1000 screens!

Trip Brock predubbing dialogue, Stage E
A big ol' thanks goes out to Beau Genot for trusting the Monkey crew once again with the audio post production duties on this film.  These tight deadlines can be quite grueling and stressful, but a good, strong sale in the end makes it all worthwhile (I'm just thankful to be working!).  

Thanks also go out to writer/director Dan Rush for letting us help tell his story.  I look forward to buying my ticket!

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