Friday, May 20, 2011

A Short Moment of Reflection

What a year so far!  As 2011 rapidly approaches its midpoint, I thought I'd take a brief time-out to express my gratitude to the universe (and, of course, to the many clients!) for keeping me gainfully employed in my chosen career.  While last year's projects were primarily festival-bound in nature (see previous blog), the shows that have crossed my desk this year have mostly been lower-budget independents with dreams of finding a festival audience and attaining distribution.  Short turnaround times, tight deadlines and humble budgets have been a common thread thus far, but the challenge to make it awesome remained the same.  I feel extremely confident that I (and the rest of the Monkeys) have met and surpassed the expectations for each of these gigs.

If there's anything I've learned in my 37 years, its that patience, honesty, kindness and integrity go a long way.  I've set goals for life as well as for my career, and living the aforementioned virtues has allowed me to remain grounded in something healthy (now if only those virtues could make my hair could grow back...).

I'd like to take this moment to reflect for a second on the goals and challenges that I have set for myself as a sound editor, so that I may continue to be an asset to both the organization I work with and the clients who trust me with the job.  Those goals are:  Stay attentive and in tune to the needs of the clients.  Respect the vision for their film(s).  Learn something new from each new experience.

I wish lots of luck to the filmmakers I've worked with so far this year.  May you see your current films through, and may you apply the new wisdom from your experiences to your future endeavors.

Many blessings.

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