Thursday, July 21, 2011

American Ninja Warrior: Season 3

Monkeyland Audio has been chosen to host the third season of G4's American Ninja Warrior, a grueling, high-adrenaline contest where would-be warriors battle through tough obstacle courses in an attempt to win a lucrative endorsement deal from K-Swiss.  All Monkey hands are on deck for this very intense and exciting show and so far, the soundscape we've created is amazing.  Editorially, we've been tasked with cleaning up and smoothing out the announcers' play-by-play commentary, building up the bustling audience and their reactions to the death-defying action, and stylizing all the flashy and fancy design moments.

Mixing of the first two episodes is currently underway with Trip Brock and Owen Peterson behind the consoles, and we'll be playing back for G4 tomorrow.  I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of the next handful of episodes and look forward to catching all the action on TV.

Many blessings!

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