Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Favorite Things: A Short Sonic Recap of 2011

The last quarter of the year has turned out to be an extremely busy one for me, and though I had hoped to write a nice, comprehensive and thorough account of my sonic journey (if you will) to wrap-up 2011, I am at the moment pressed for time and trying to meet very tight deadlines.  I will say though, 2011 was fun.  I've blogged extensively about some of the film I've done (see hyperlinks through this posting), and I look forward to sharing more sonic insight in the year to come!

The Devil Inside - theatrical release January, 2012
Some of my favorite projects (for a number of different reasons) completed this year at Monkeyland Audio include:  Sushi Girl, Harlistas: An American Journey, The Devil Inside, Piranha 3DD, Filly Brown, Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, Aqui Entre Nos, Yellow Rock, Heathens and Thieves, Beethoven's Christmas Adventure, the webisode "Aim High", the third season of "American Ninja Warrior", and the two "One-Shots" for Marvel Entertainment.

The workload for these projects alone was exhausting and strenuous, but fortunately, I was able to find some balance to my editorial work by doing some writing, marketing and publicity for Monkeyland.

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure - DVD release December 2011
Superboss Trip Brock made me a co-admin of the Monkeyland Facebook page, allowing me the freedom of sharing the achievements of our clients with the FB community.  The page features behind the scene pictures, trailers, release dates, client testimonials, festival updates and so much more.  Please check it out and "like"us!  One of our company goals for 2011 was to become more interactive with our past and present clients, as well as share our excitement for the projects we become involved with.

Filly Brown - Official Selection in Competition, Sundance.  Jan. 2012
Monkeyland Audio has submitted several projects for consideration of a Golden Reel nomination in the coming year.  Our sound editorial and mix teams have really worked hard, fast and intensely this year, and I am extremely proud of everyone for everything we've done.  I've got my fingers crossed for a Golden Reel nomination from the MPSE, but as I've said before (and at the risk of sounding sappy), the real reward for a job well done comes from knowing a client's cinematic vision has been met and surpassed.

The year ends for me as busy as it began, and I  am looking forward to expanding my sonic horizons in 2012.  I wish all of you a blessed New Year.  May all the seeds we've planted in the previous years come to fruition in 2012, and may this new year be an enlightening and rejuvenating one for our film industry.

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