Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eating Up 2012: Fruits of My Sonic Labor

2012 has started off a bit slower than I had hoped, but despite the minor drought in editorial work, I have been lucky enough to watch several of the films I worked on in 2011 go on to make some noise!  So, while I wait for my next gig, I thought I'd take a little time and share some excerpts from Monkeyland's most recent press release (below, in blue), bullet-pointing some of our current and up-and-coming hits:

"The Devil Inside kicked off the year with an impressive opening weekend, bringing in over $50 Million in just over two weeks. The Monkeyland sound editors, designers and mixers are excited to have been part of this intense job.

The Sundance Film Festival is currently hosting two projects fully mixed and edited at Monkeyland Audio. The first is Hip-hop family saga Filly Brown. which has made a spectacular debut in the U.S. Dramatic Competition. Secondly, the raunchy, laugh-out-loud comedy Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie will be sure to have people talking for years to come! Billion Dollar Movie will stream on Demand on January 27th, followed by a theatrical release on March 2, 2012.

Also premiering at Sundance are Safety Not Guaranteed, Smashed, and Nobody Walks (ADR shot at Monkeyland) and Celeste and Jesse Forever (mixed by our friend Dave Barber on Monkeyland's Dub Stage F). Best of luck to everyone!

Three films we designed and mixed will make their big stateside theatrical debuts this Spring: Valerie Weiss' romantic comedy Losing Control, My Uncle Rafael (featuring a wonderfully fun performance by Vahik Pirhamzei as the titular main character), and the gritty Bangkok boxing drama, The Bad Penny.

Aqui Entre Nos
Spanish-language festival favorite Aqui Entre Nos will also be released theatrically this March across Mexico. We're hoping this hilarious family dramedy will get U.S. distribution soon! 

The next installment of David Jaffe's Twisted Metal video game franchise hits stores on Valentine's Day. The Monkeyland Audio crew was hired to provide full sound editorial and mix for the combat demolition game's cinematic sequences. Thanks to Bruce Greenspan and Charles Maynes for jumping in and helping on some of the design!  

59th Annual Golden Reel Awards
Lastly, but certainly not least, we are extremely excited for the Monkeyland Sound Editorial crew for their 4 recently-announced Golden Reel nominations in three categories! The nominated projects are: Harlistas: An American Journey (Television Long Form Documentary), Koran By Heart (Television Long Form Documentary), Aim High (Computer Episodic Entertainment), Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (Direct to Video). We are proud and honored to be recognized for doing what we love to do!" 

Since this write-up went out, both Celeste and Jesse Forever and Safety Not Guaranteed have secured distribution deals with Sony Pictures Classics and FilmDistrict, respectively.  Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie debuted online with much response and success, ranking #1 on YouTube's movie rental list.  Filly Brown's presence in Sundance was well received and blogged about extensively.  Likewise, Sundance branded Filly star Gina Rodriguez as the new "It" girl.  A versatile and grounded actress, I agree that her time has come.  Keep an eye on her!

I've also just found out (literarlly 25 seconds ago!) that Apart, the super sound-designy feature drama I worked on in 2010 is being released in select theaters and On Demand on March 9th!  This really makes my day, as I fell in love with everything about this movie during our initial spotting session.  Congratulations to Aaron Rottinghaus, Ryan Rettig and everyone who worked so hard on this film.

So that was my January.  All the good news really made up for the lack of steady work, and I'm hoping the buzz generates a few new clients.  In the meantime, I'm gearing up for February, and the few gigs I'm looking at look promising!  I will soon begin work on two documentaries headed to Austin's SXSW Festival, as well as on war actioner, Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed (my first collaboration with long-time sound designer/mixer friend, Carlos Sanches).

As usual, I count my blessings and keep on trying to keep it interesting.  May 2012 be a strong one for all of us, and may we continue to find peace and happiness in ourselves and in our respective, creative environments.


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