Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 2012: Bad Brains, Gold, and a Big Ol' War

Just a quick update on some of the things I've been doing this year:

Bad Brains and the SXSW Festival
Bad Brains: A Band in D.C.
In early February, I completed a whirlwind week of sound editorial on Bad Brains:  A Band in D.C., a much-anticipated rock documentary which premiered last night (March 12th) at Austin's South By Southwest Film Festival.  The project follows the tale of the first all-black punk band and the major influence they had on other punk banks of the era, as well as the fingerprint they left on the music scene in general.

Though the documentary is 100% music and narrative driven, the directive for the Monkeyland sound crew was to fill it up and fill it out.  Coverage for all doors, cars, and major hard effects were requested.  All locations and scenes were to be fully built out, and all stadium, festival and clubs (including the legendary CBGB!) were given an extra injection of life with a full crowd sweetening pass.  Fully-filling a feature-length documentary is grueling work, particularly since a doc by nature does not necessarily follow the traditional pacing and structure of a feature film.  Regardless, after a whirlwind week of nose-to-the-grindstone sound editing, the new elements were received quite well by director Mandy Stein and producer Tyler Hubby.  The final mix was fast and furious, and re-recording mixer Mark Rozett ran Stage A masterfully.  Clients left happily and ready to take Austin by storm!

If you're out in Austin, please check out the film.  If you can't make it out, read the film's first review from 360.com here!  The story of the Bad Brains is fascinating and their music is powerful.  Big thanks to Mandy, Tyler and the entire crew for making such a cool film, and thank you for trusting us with your sound!

Monkeyland Audio and the Golden Reel
Golden Reel Awards for Aim High
On February 19th, the Monkeyland crew and I won our first Golden Reel for our work on the high-adrenaline web series, Aim High.  We were thankful to have been nominated in three different categories for our work on four different projects (see my previous posting for a tiny blurb on the shows), and were extremely honored that our peers chose to celebrate our work in the Computer Episodic Entertainment category.

Going to the show has always been a special treat for us as editors, as we get the chance to unwind with fellow colleagues, make new friends and if the opportunity arises, maybe meet some of our sound "superheroes" and unofficial mentors (Ren Klyce and Gary Rydstrom, to name a few).

Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed
A scene from Saint and Soldiers: Airborne Creed
I was approached last year by fellow sound editor and mixer Carlos Sanches (Audio Circus, WB) to work with him on a WW2 film being produced by some folks he'd worked with in the past.  The film, Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed, is an intense drama about a group of U.S. paratroopers who fight their way through Nazi-occupied France.  I've always wanted to work with Carlos, so I jumped at the chance to finally do so!

Carlos offered me the opportunity to cut backgrounds and sound effects, as well as layer in some sound design.  I also learned that John Sanacore (Core Post) would be shooting Foley, and that Alex Ullrich would serve as Foley Artist.  Owen Peterson, ex-Monkeyland engineer and mixer, would also be involved, serving as Foley Editor.  I've already turned over several sessions to Carlos (who will be mixing the film) and am excited about seeing the final product soon.

Thank you, Carlos, for assembling a crack editorial and mixing crew (different studios working together!).  It's been my pleasure being part of your team.

So that's my 2012 so far.  Not a bad start, I must say.  I can't wait to see what lies ahead.  

Many blessings.

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