Friday, November 9, 2012

An Exhausted Thank You to 2012

As we dive into the final few months of 2012, I will take this short moment to reflect on a few things, count my blessings, and give thanks, as has become customary in my blogging.  Since my previous post, I've been neck deep in the sound effects trenches, and I'm happy to say I've survived a grueling and exhausting summer schedule.

The Frozen Ground audio crew
I've worked on quite a few feature films these past few months, supervising the Sound Effects and Foley on a few, while being involved in a strict editorial capacity on others.  Some of the projects I haven't previously blogged about include:
  • Hours, starring Paul Walker & Genesis Rodriguez
  • The Frozen Ground, with Nicholas Cage & John Cusak
  • Ticket to Vegas, featuring a strong Russian cast and several notable American actors (Danny Trejo, Guillermo Diaz & Kym Whitley)
  • The Morris Family Abduction (alien abduction "found footage" project formerly titled Project: Blue Book)

I was also involved in the sound design process for a number of AFI thesis films.  These projects started to turn over in early summer, and as of this writing, I have just finished cutting backgrounds on the final one of the season, whose final mix is scheduled for this coming Monday.  These projects include:
  • Ojala 
  • Farewell Jimmy 
  • Samnang 
  • Wolves From Another Kingdom 
  • Golden State
I had an amazing time working on all the aforementioned films, and I am thankful for the opportunity of having met and worked with some dynamic and creative student filmmakers in the process.

I am also thankful for the good fortune of just being able to remain employed despite a tough climate in post production.  I am thankful to Monkeyland Audio for keeping me busy this year.  So busy, in fact, that I found myself wondering whether I would succeed in meeting the high expectations demanded by our clients, and deliver the quality of work I expect from myself.  This summer was a true test for me.  Luckily though, I am surrounded by clever and creative individuals who share my passion for crafting a detailed and well-rounded sound experience.

I have to single out fellow sound effects editors Steven Avila and Alexander Pugh for being on their "A" game all summer long.  We pushed the envelop on every project, held it together, and achieved our sonic goals.  Thanks dudes.  We survived another year.

Finally, I must also give thanks for the opportunities presented to me in a freelance capacity.  On several occasions this year, I was given the chance to work with other editors and mixers I admire, namely Dave Barber (Juniper Post), and Carlos Sanches & Josh Eckberg (WB/Audio Circus).  Thank you fellas for letting me be part of your shows.  I would be honored to do it again!

Thank you all for reading.  I look forward to what 2013 brings, and I wish all fellow sound editors incredible amounts of luck and success.  Many blessings!
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