Monday, February 4, 2013

2013: Off and Running

The first month of 2013 has started off interestingly enough, setting a unique tone that fills me with excitement, anticipation, a little apprehension and lots of drive.  Fruitful yet oddly tiring, the 31 days of January were twister-like in nature, with my time split between family duties, a few Monkeyland projects, a hefty freelance sound design job and, like most Americans, a wicked case of the flu.  It was a long month to say the very least, but each day was an interesting adventure in and of itself, and if the daily adventures keep comin', then I'll definitely have lots to report on in 2013.

The projects that have kept me busy this year include:
  •  MANHUNT, an HBO documentary that chronicles the decades-long hunt for Osama Bin Laden.  The film premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival, and is scheduled to air in May on HBO.  Read my article about MANHUNT on The Post Lab!
  • SNAP, a psychological thriller set in the world of underground dub step.  The film will debut in March at the SXSW Film Festival.
  • SAGA: THE SHADOW CABAL is a Tolkien-inspired, fantasy-based independent film shot entirely in Utah.  I believe it will be premiering online this year.  I'll post more as I find out more!  This was my hefty freelance gig, by the way, courtesy of my long-time sound comrades, Carlos Sanches and Josh Eckberg.

Golden Reel Nominations

In addition to the above, January also gifted me with four MPSE Golden Reel nominations, much to my humble elation.  Two of these noms were for projects I did with the Monkeyland crew (CLIMATE REFUGEES and SEAL TEAM SIX: THE RAID ON OSAMA BIN LADEN), but the other two resulted from my collaborations with sound buddies Carlos and Josh.  If I've learned anything from 2012, it's this:  Make the most out of every situation because silver linings DO exist.  In post sound-speak, that translates into: Don't turn down ANY work!  There were a number of times last year where I found myself in between projects, but fortunately, the freelance gods were there to give me something to do.  Thankfully, a little downtime turned into some freelance work, which resulted in two MPSE nominations.  And once again, I've got Carlos Sanches and Josh Eckberg to thank for that.  Thanks guys for letting me be one of your guns for hire.  I'm glad you thought of me for 12 DOGS OF CHRISTMAS: THE GREAT PUPPY RESCUE and OSOMBIE!

I will shimmy into February much the same way that I do  everything: Even-keel, mild-tempered focused and alert.  I look forward to being challenged, tested and enlightened, while savoring every moment of the journey.  Many blessings to my fellow sound editors and post production friends.  May 2013 rain down steady and satisfying work!

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